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New Zealand Investment Property, Apartments, Houses & Real Estate
Most large cities around the world experience solid capital growth but lack the rental returns. New Zealand boasts rental yields of 6-10% in most of its major .

Investing in property? Work out a rental yield estimate.
Work out an estimate of your rate of return (before tax) on your rental property. . This calculator is not an offer of finance by The National Bank. . 2012 The National Bank of New Zealand, part of ANZ National Bank Limited; |; Terms of Access .

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According to a back-of-the-envelope calculation by Goldman Sachs, . The gross rental yield, a measure used in the United Kingdom, is the total yearly . in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the .


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Lyfords - Rental Yield Calculator
Taking into account all costs in owning a rental property use our rental calculator to work out the yield, you may be surprised?

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Rental income calculator - Westpac


Rental Yields calculator
Calculate the percentage yield from a rental property.

Rental Income in New Zealand | New Zealand Investment Properties
Aug 1, 2011 . What rental returns do investment properties in New-Zealand earn? Detailed tables showing income from property investment.

Calculate Rental Yield | FutureNestEgg
May 12, 2008 . How Do You Calculate Gross Rental Yield. It is the annual rental return relative to the purchase price of the property. The formula is -. (Weekly .

Rental property returns depend on capital gains
Jan 7, 2011 . In October the report for New Zealand showed rental property returns after tax but before capital gains at 1.8% and returns after capital gains .

Market rent is a useful guide when you are deciding what the rent ...
Mar 1, 2012 . Information for immigrants on housing and rentals Immigration New Zealand website. is available on Immigration New Zealand's website.

New Zealand's Investment Property Potential -
Looking for an investment property with better than normal returns? . Retail outlets in both Australia and New Zealand have shown a slump in rental yields in the last few years, and . Calculate repayment scenarios, savings interest & more .

QV - Positive Cash Flow Properties
On a gross basis rental yields across New Zealand are averaging 4.9% for both units and houses. 2008-09 has been pivotal for the NZ property market with a .

Rental Yield Calculator | Southland Real Estate
Rental Yield Calculator. Rental Yield is a representation of the total rental income received as a percentage of the initial purchase price. Using the Calculator: .

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New Zealand Rental Property Investing - Approved Mortgage Brokers
NZ Mortgage Repayment Calculator Calculate your monthly . The rental income is $10,400 p.a. ($200 per week), or a 10.4% p.a. return. Imagine you begin to .

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National Bank Home Buyers Centre: Working out the rental yield
Rental yield is a useful way to compare different investment properties. . Expenses for your rental yield calculation should include insurance, rates, maintenance . 2012 The National Bank of New Zealand, part of ANZ National Bank Limited . rental